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Causey, a lyrical storyteller, illustrates the deathly musings of a young girl speaker who dreams of soured memories overtaken by fog and decay. Ear to the Wall suggests that the speaker always eavesdrops, always finds herself in some time and place she should not be. I stand up in the gauze and collect it around me as a skirt. I jump through, the way laughter can be An arrow parting a cloud, straight through, with the moon close enough to lick as a stamp.

The spacing here is phenomenal, creating tension between the fog and the speaker, who vividly takes control of an untamable substance. Wildly alone yet a survivor, this girl is depicted throughout Ear to the Wall. This childhood memory suggests quiet violence, a power that the speaker does not have yet have, and a distinct binary between male and female authority.

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Hell no. This piece highlights the fear of memories that deeply haunt us, the true possessive nature of beings who want to consume you entirely. Causey manages to take her readers to a haunted place where walls are plagued by spirits, all terrifying and powerful. This contemporary southern-gothic spell the poet puts us under is a magnificent ode to the familiar and the familial, swamps and creeks, and a fascination with the after-life. Reviewed by Susan Thurston. These stories will make you wince, flinch, and flush with keen foreboding and anxiety. Reviewed by B.

But it is also a story of abject distress, as well as the horror of seeking solace within an uninspired life.

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Call these stories what you will—magical realism, surrealism, fabulist. Reviewed by Dan Wuebben. Upon these noir sets, Krut presents sudden planetary shifts witnessed by fortunetellers, bats, bishops, and misbelievers. While Ralph Waldo may not embody innovative non-linear structures, nonetheless, he seems to encourage thinking outside the box.

And then, and then. My first instinct is to try to dodge it completely rather than sound like a fool.

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First, as to the postcard: what a wonderful reminder of your task. I wonder how many other writers surround themselves with similar talismans. I know I do. My desk is littered with all kinds of unnecessary memorabilia though, of course, each seems necessary to me, from my Joe Namath bobblehead to my monster-faced mug to my beloved brick that only sometimes doubles as a paperweight. I kid. Sort of …. Nor do I know the long-term effect of nonfiction works that continues to stretch beyond the conventional limits of the form. I took some comfort in that.

But how do we tell them uniquely? While I still love and admire and relish the traditional essay form, I also love the experiments often inspired as a result of these traditional forms. That is, while each element is unique and valuable on its own, sometimes, when mixed in the proper portions, something equally wondrous can emerge. Like water! Like table salt!

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You Must Be This Tall to Ride: Contemporary Writers Take You Inside The Story [ B. J. Hollars] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. B.J. Hollars of Fort Wayne, Indiana is working on his MFA You Must Be This Tall to Ride: Contemporary Writers Take You Inside The Story - Kindle edition by B. J. Hollars. Compelling stories have the power to generate infinite wonder: It's nearly impossible to imagine how the author.

Suffice it to say, individual elements are great, but so are the compounds created when introducing these elements to one another. Or to put it another way, the essay form thrives when we combine the old with the new, when we nurture the symbiotic relationships between the time-tested forms and those that may be considered more innovative. Imagination is simply one pathway toward this innovation. JT: The act of introducing elements to one another to create a compound is a process both of us seem drawn to as editors of anthologies.

The act of readjusting, realigning, and recalibrating the form via the combination of selected essays and stories as well as commentary, interview, and exercises offers a re-imagining of individual elements as we place them on our own periodic table in order to yield an entirely new element. Will you describe that a bit and discuss why you are compelled to invest in discussions of genre fiction and nonfiction beyond your own writing and teaching?

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This waterfront bairro positively insists you lose yourself amongst the maze of narrow streets and seek out some of the city's most cherished architectural treasures. Much of old Porto can be described with a pronounced 18th-century accent. Extravagant Baroque churches and stately Neoclassical buildings punctuate the skyline, their most valuable contents displayed in world-class museums set in picturesque squares. Meanwhile, the city's contemporary character is evident in its thriving modern arts scene and an alarmingly futuristic music venue.

Crossing the sweeping bridge to Vila Nova de Gaia is a sightseeing highlight, as is a guided tour around one of the port lodges. A cruise along the Douro should be considered, and for a truly memorable city panorama take a ride on the cable car that glides from one end of the quayside to the other. See also: Where to Stay in Porto.

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Description Table of Contents eBook Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! These conventions are very readily broken, and much of everyday conversation depends on simultaneously recog- nising and breaking one or more of them. The nature and complexity of the studies varies greatly. Felperin, H. Ray, S. The implied author, even in first-person narration by a child character, is a displace- ment of the contexts of personal and collective values and neuroses. This was just the strange power of prose and serendipity coming together.

This is the city's most visible landmark, a meter tall, 18th-century granite-hewn rocket, and visiting this historic structure should be high up on the "things to do" list. You'll need a stout pair of legs to climb the steps to the top of the tower, but the effort will be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama of the river, the coastline, and the distant Douro valley - a bird's-eye-view of Portugal's second largest city, and an inspiring way for first-time sightseers to get their bearings.

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Built between and , the church itself is a wonderful example of the architect's affinity with the Baroque and features an elliptic floorplan, one of the first churches in Portugal built in such a way. But the tower remains the highlight and, day or night, its tapered profile stands as an historic beacon visible from most parts of the city.

Dating from the midth century, Porto's former stock exchange contains a wealth of historic interest. Built on the site of a Franciscan monastery, its sumptuous interior is divided into several rooms and salons, each one singular in its appeal and worthy of close scrutiny. Pretend you're a wealthy merchant visiting on business as you wander through the Portrait Room with its gallery of uniformed monarchs, and then cast your eyes skywards after entering the Golden Room to admire its gilded stucco ceiling.

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You'll be ready for your meeting with the boss in the lavishly furnished Chairman's Room before joining fellow merchants in the richly decorated Court Hearing Room to witness mercantile law acted out in due process. You may want to pop into the adjacent Juror's Room before gathering in the magnificent Hall of Nations to mingle with the great and the good. But you'll want to leave the best for last by sneaking off to the astonishing Arabian Room, inspired by Granada's Alhambra, and the one place that really sells a tour of the Bolsa.

Incidentally, the building is the headquarters of the Porto Chamber of Commerce, and its members still gather in the classical General Assembly Room. The Porto Bridge Climb conducts guided tours of this iconic structure with participants attired in harness and secure lifeline in order to scale the lofty heights safely and comfortably. Following a narrow pedestrian staircase and connected by cable to a parallel handrail, visitors slowly scale the yawning arches to reach the top of the span, 65 meters above the River Douro. The panoramic views of the outlying city and the mouth of the river are truly memorable.

Descending the steps reveals the size and elegance of this 20th-century engineering marvel, inaugurated in and currently the only bridge span in Europe that can be accessed this way. Visitors are shrouded by gold as they enter the beautiful church of St.

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Its 18th-century Baroque interior is encrusted with a gilded veneer so dazzling and exuberant that most agree this is one of the best examples of worked gold anywhere in the country. Indeed, this is a priceless sightseeing experience.

Gilt carving embellishes the high altar, columns, and pillars, with barely a single patch of stone left visible. An extraordinary and beguiling artifact carved between and , the tree boasts fine detail seen in the expressions of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and other figures, including King David, Solomon, and Jesse himself, which leaves onlookers speechless.

A tour of the ancient catacombs underneath the church helps bring visitors back down to earth, but there are more treasures from the church's monastery to behold in the museum afterwards. Porto's riverside quarter is an alluring labyrinth of narrow, winding streets; zigzagging alleyways; and low-slung, sun-starved arcades.

Facing the River Douro , though, are terraces of lofty townhouses painted in bright mustard, tangerine, and tawny hues - the Ribeira is an adventure in color and flavor. This is also a busy commercial district, where grocers rub shoulders with butchers and fishmongers. Tiny, dilapidated shoemaker's studios echo to the industrious tapping of cobblers' hammers, and the rustic aroma of freshly baked bread collides with the Douro's salty, briny odor.

Above it all, locals share gossip from balconies or open windows, shouting inexorably across lines of washing snapping in the breeze. The Ribeira is also about history, and exploring this fascinating neighborhood is to discover medieval relics built over Roman foundations. Spanning the mighty River Douro to link Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia on the south bank, the bridge's majestic sweep and two-tier aspect is a binding component in the city's proud, social fabric.