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She was so tiny that she could stand on my palms. As I touched her soft, grey fur, she looked at me and started to purr. My heart felt like it was full to bursting. How were you feeling? Jacob: I was really scared. Teacher: Can you show how scared you were? Was your body doing something that showed you were scared? Jacob: My heart started beating really fast! How do you think we can add these awesome new details to your story? Jacob: Hm…I think I could maybe put it here.

How’s It Going: Conferring With Students

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Tanya Pfeiffer is a second grade teacher at Barbara B. Heart of Conferring by [Wessberg, Jennifer, Pfeiffer, Tanya M.]. Conferring is genuine, intentional conversation that allows students to build their confidence and identity as readers and writers. It's a setting.

Kind of like you did with your cat story. Teacher: Awesome. Re-read that to yourself and see if you like it.

Jacob, remember that really great authors add in what their characters are thinking and feeling. You should definitely do that in the heart of your story, but you can do it in other places, too.

Getting at the Heart of Conferring – Empowering Readers and Writers

For those of you who learn best by seeing it in action, here are two of my favorite conferring videos from TCRWP:. A writing conference with Amanda Hartman and the cutest kindergartener that ever was….

Most of my conferences last minutes. During or just after the conference, I jot down some anecdotal records for myself to keep track of student progress and next steps. Classroom management is one of the biggest concerns for teachers who are new to conferring. The answer to the second part is a little longer. Establishing protocols and expectations at the beginning of the school year is key to developing a classroom of independent readers and writers.

Conferring - definition of conferring by The Free Dictionary

I find that the biggest obstacle to uninterrupted conferences is not students who are disruptive for the sake of misbehaving, but students who are dependent on the teacher for small tasks. Because of this, I take time at the beginning of the school year to explicitly teach protocols for things like what to do when you run out of paper, what to do when you finish your book, or what to do if your neighbor is distracting you. Eventually they will either figure it out independently, wait for me to be finished, or end up listening in on the conference and learning something new!

Never underestimate the power of eavesdropping. If a student is lacking stamina and getting burned out quickly, I will try a system of short bursts of work time followed by frequent breaks. I also consider whether the student is reading a book that is too easy or too hard, or if they are completely stuck in their writing and need teacher intervention.

A Framework for Conversation

I use a system of logical consequences in my classroom, so I always try to problem-solve by reaching for the root of the issue. I work with a beautiful group of ELL students and conferring has always been so tough for me. A Practical Guide to Conferring. Do what we often teach students to do; repeat back what you heard the child say. Ask clarifying questions. Does that make sense?

e-book Heart Of Conferring

Conference Type 1 :. Conference 2 :. This is a step to use after that structure has been in place.

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One way I keep track of all this work is through the use of a Conferring Notebook. I use many forms like the one below to keep track of what my students are working on.

Tailoring Our Teaching: No Need to Wing It If You’ve Got Great Conferring Notes

Hopefully this will be a helpful resource to your teaching in the future! What do you find is valuable about conferring? What is challenging about conferring? What is an area you want to strengthen in your conferring compliment, teaching point, type of conferences to use, etc. View all posts by literacylovinlab. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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My heart felt like it was full to bursting. Talk is the way to cut a path to really knowing the writing process. I know that when I sit with a student I can always pull one of these cards from my handbag, if I need to. ConferringCarl came to StewartSeagulls to share his knowledge about conferring with students during writer's workshop and we got listen to him conferring with one of my students!! Happy reading Heart Of Conferring Bookeveryone. The research phase may sound something like this note: my example is for a writing conference, but reading conferences take on the very same structure :.

She is a graduate of the rural public school system in All Grades. Attendees 19 K A J. Twitter Feed.

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