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The book includes over entries to help you to be happy right now, from daily rituals, inspirational quotes, relaxation techniques, happiness hacks and more. With fun suggestions as varied as creating a vision board, to prioritizing yourself, to eating chocolate, you'll find something to make you smile in The Book of Happiness, no matter what has you down!. The Turning part 1 of 2. The Turning part 2 of 2. The Possession part 1 of 2. The Possession part 2 of 2. Megan Turner pinned post 11 Nov Rose Knightingale Nov 11, at pm.

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Expand text… When asked how I survived all of those years by myself, I had one answer: the Shadow Man. I have no memory of that time. No memory of anything, really, before the accident. I rely on stories from my fathers about this supposed imaginary friend. Got into a fight at school? The Shadow Man made me. Stole from a store? He forced me to. Snuck out of the house? He came with me. I had almost completely forgotten about him. Until I move into the horror house - the house rumored to be a gateway to hell.

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Strange things keep happening, and I am helpless to prevent them. More importantly, people keep dying.

Particularly, people that harm me. One thing becomes painstakingly clear: The Shadow Man wants me to come home.

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Amber Wilson Nov 7, at am. Villains - Serena Valentino.. Expand text… Another tale far less often spoken of is the one that explains what caused the Queen to become so contemptuously vile. Still, some have attempted to guess at the reason. Mostly, the Queen is painted as a morally abhorrent woman who never loved another being during the course of her miserable life. This book recounts a version of the story that has remained untold until now. It is a tragic tale of love and loss, and it contains a bit of magic. It is a tale of the Wicked Queen Few have seen him, but those who claim they have say his hair is wild and nails are sharp--like a beast's!

But how did this prince, once jovial and beloved by the people, come to be a reclusive and bitter monster?

And is it possible that he can ever find true love and break the curse that has been placed upon him? The story has been told many times and in many ways. But always the maiden finds out that she is a princess-a princess who has been cursed by a dark fairy to prick her finger on a spindle and fall into an eternal sleep.

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Though her three good fairies try to protect her, the princess succumbs to the curse. But the power of good endures, as her true love defeats the fire-breathing dragon and awakens the princess with true love's first kiss. The two live happily ever after.

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And yet this is only half the story. So what of the dark fairy, Maleficent? Why does she curse the innocent princess? What led to her becoming so filled with malice, anger, and hatred?

Many tales have tried to explain her motives. Here is one account, pulled down from the many passed down through the ages. It is a tale of love and betrayal, of magic and reveries.

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It is a tale of the Mistress of All Evil. But always the flower is coveted by an old witch to keep herself young and beautiful. And always the flower is used to save a dying queen, who then gives birth to a princess with magical hair. Not willing to lose the flower, the old witch steals the princess and locks her away in a high tower, raising her as her own.

But the princess always finds out who she truly is and manages to defeat the old witch. So what of the old witch, Mother Gothel? Where does she come from? And how does she come across the magical golden flower? Here is one account that recounts a version of the story that has remained untold for centuries. It is a tale of mothers and daughters, of youth and dark magic. It is a tale of the old witch fantasy ya retelling magic fairytale disney ursula evilqueen gothel maleficent beast.

Mistress of All Evil - Serena Valentino. Serena Valentino - Fairest of All. The Beast Within- Serena Valentino. Megan Turner pinned post 2 Nov Rusa Giinting Oct 24, at am. Read Smothered by Autumn Chiklis A humorous debut crossover young adult novel about what happens when entering the "real world" means moving back in with your mother, inspired by actress and celebrity Autumn Chiklis' real life.

Who else will help her hide her latest binge-shopping purchases from her husband, go to SoulCycle with her, and hold her hand during Botox shots? Rusa Giinting Oct 27, at am. This would in fact have been impossible without the actions of Celsius. As a stand-off is called between the forces of Earth and the Alien Alliance, the team prepares for their next skirmish. Death of Celsius.

Crossover The events from this issue or series are related to Invasion! They wish to eliminate the metagene , for fear that the unpredictable nature of earthlings could destroy them in the future. This template will categorize articles that include it into the Invasion! Crossovers category. Sign In Don't have an account? I'll not elaborate more, as I think I've provided enough info. There is an overarching story, which I'm assuming is the core of this entire series, but the reader only gets clues. The author seems to be saving himself for the sequels, so you get a partial picture, yet I still reached the last page with a few questions I can't wait to discover the answer to.

I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that a a self-published author has written this.

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No offense to self-published authors. I mean it in the best way possible, which is why this is the longest review I've ever written. Outstanding — A Must Read! Wright is a new Sci-Fi-series that will take the reader to a new concept when it comes to; science fiction, space opera, action, adventure, mystery, and some fantasy.

The story is very well written and the author's voice is very intriguing for me as a reader the most important thing in any s Outstanding — A Must Read! The story is very well written and the author's voice is very intriguing for me as a reader the most important thing in any story is the author voice. Wright takes his time to build up the story introducing the reader to new concepts and ideas that are new and needed in Sci-Fi.

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This post-apocalyptic story is something I would enjoy very much on the big screen. Disclaimer; I do my best avoiding spoilers about the story itself because I hope that the next reader will be as happily surprised as I was. This is a story of epic proportions that will span across six books, and the first one is quite a dynamic read. There are a LOT of characters, and the most important ones are described in a list in the beginning, which I someti This is a story of epic proportions that will span across six books, and the first one is quite a dynamic read.

The characters were realistic and moderately described, even the alien ones, and their dialogue was also realistic, which carried the plot nicely. A true diamond in the rough, and one who promises a thrilling journey and a wonderful canvas of mystery, adventure, drama and plenty of action for fans of the sci-fi genre.