Beginning C# 3.0: An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Beginning C# 3.0 An Introduction To Object Oriented Programming
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Alternative names for C : C Sharp. This information can be a consideration for us.

Of the modern programming languages support this OOP concepts. Apr 3, - Hi All, I researched on.

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ISBN 13: 9780470261293

Shopping cart 0 R 0, You have no items in your shopping cart. Beginning C 3. SKU: Be the first to review this product. Learn all the basics of C 3. If you have no prior programming experience but want a thorough, easy-to-understand introduction to C and Object Oriented Programming, this book is an ideal guide.

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Overview Specifications Reviews Contact Us. Using the tutorials and hands-on coding examples, you can discover tried and true tricks of the trade, understand design concepts, employ debugging aids, and design and write C programs that are functional and that embody safe programming practices. Products specifications.

Windows Forms Controls using C#

Usually half way through you still don't know what the h is going on. The guy is a genius in his way of teaching.

BOOK: Beginning C# : An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming ISBN:

My only wish is that he wrote more books in other areas of programming;! February 3, - Published on Amazon. This was the textbook for a C class in my college. I withdrew from the class after two weeks for reasons other than the textbook, mainly the instructor. Anyway, this is a good textbook for learning C , but while the material is explained thoroughly and well, for me it was tedious, since I have several years of programming experience already and have already finished several other software classes recently.

The author explains everything as if you don't have any previous software experience; so if you are already familiar with other languages, this book is probably not for you.

Day 03, Video 01 Part 2 Core C# - Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

I don't have another book to recommend in its place, but you should probably look elsewhere. If you are new to software, it is probably a good fit for you.

Beginning C# 3.0

November 10, - Published on Amazon. I picked this up to help give myself a more diverse skill set at work software test. Within two months I was writing some pretty useful tools for myself and others. The book is outstanding for anyone new to OOP, like myself.

There's the occasional typo here and there, but nothing that stepping through the code to see what's going on doesn't remedy. The author's sense of humor is a bit cheesy, but it helps to smooth out the transitions into some of the more daunting concepts.

C# History

The frequent use of metaphors for the more complicated concepts was very much appreciated. The only con I can give is that the examples become increasingly more complicated, compounding most of the book's concepts while often introducing several new ones at once. While this is somewhat expected, I would have liked to see a few additional, simple, examples as new concepts were being introduced Chapter 12 immediately comes to mind The Wrox website is a great source of info code samples, forums, etc.

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I stumbled upon the forums for this particular book one afternoon and found that the author was personally answering nearly every question that was posted. That said, if Dr. Purdum wrote an intermediate C book, I would snatch it up immediately. November 13, - Published on Amazon.

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To be honest, I am a french IT engineer and english is not my native language so I sincerely apologize if I make mistakes while writing this review.