14 Fun Facts About Black Holes: A 15-Minute Book (15-Minute Books 30)

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Philadelphia, Pa. Accessed Oct. Palmer J, et al. Abdominal pain mimics. Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America. Zeiter D. Abdominal pain in children. Pediatric Clinics of North America. Feldman M, et al. Merck Manual Professional Version. Rochester, Minn. Kliegman RM, et al. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. Accessed Nov.

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SEU, Please keep your supernatural musings in your own head where they belong, and out of posts on a science site. Oh, now you're gonna suggest the Photon Sphere is not opaque? Welcoming a little kawaii into your life is like opening the window and letting a sparkling sunbeam in. Einstein's sketches for this project may be seen in the Einstein Archive in the library of the Leiden University. Einstein's Writings. Macfarlane has made himself Orpheus, the poet who ventures down to the darkest depths and returns - frighteningly alone-to sing of what he has seen' New Statesman Discover the hidden worlds beneath our feet Oh for

Zitelli BJ, et al. Ferri FF. Ferri's Clinical Advisor Muncie HL, et al. Dizziness: Approach to evaluation and management.

American Family Physician. American College of Emergency Physicians. Food and Drug Administration. Schmitt BD. Elk Grove Village, Ill.


Mannenbach MS expert opinion. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. June 14, Goyal DG expert opinion. Hoecker JL expert opinion.

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American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Petty RE, et al. Textbook of Pediatric Rheumatology. Elsevier Point of Care. Kasper DL, et al. Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine. New York, N. Estimates vary, but the kind of raw power possessed by the LHC does not come cheap. The Payoff. So, with its voracious appetite for electricity, labor, money, and talent, what benefit does the LHC promise to deliver? CERN supporters would say that the LHC program is part of one of the greatest, if not the single greatest, intellectual adventure in human history—the quest to understand Nature at its most fundamental level.

Detractors would say that the LHC, despite its enormous expense, is virtually bereft of any practical utility. Who is right? Both are. As an effort of pure Science, the LHC was not designed to have any practical utility. In this regard, particle-Physics experimentation has much in common with space exploration. Historically, human space flight has spun off some valuable technologies—as has particle-Physics experimentation. Proton therapy for Cancer patients, for instance, is a particle-Physics byproduct.

Norbeck et al..

See CERN, supra note 38, at But see Sancho v. Jeremy N. Today, March , at 22, available at. See About W3C History, supra note Physics has been described as an effort to 72 Its importance, to its practitioners, is plain. As Lincoln explained 81 Even supposing the LHC is highly successful and provides a significant step on the road to a final theory, the LHC will, nevertheless, not get scientists all the way there. Michelangelo L. We have to fight ourselves—the physicists.

Studies Came Easy

Physicstheory jackpot. Whatever the outcome, the LHC will not be the final word in Physics experimentation. Unless, of course, it destroys the planet. Particle Physics has faced a long series of public-relations problems— the concern over synthetic black holes being merely the most recent. Particle physicists have worked repeatedly to try to tamp down anxieties about a parade of disaster scenarios tied to Physics experimentation.

At the same time, particle physicists have labored to build excitement among politicians and taxpayers for a scientific pursuit that is both extremely arcane and wildly expensive. Fear abounds on all sides. Critics, of course, fear that particle-Physics experiments will annihilate humanity.

At the same time, particle physicists fear that humanity will annihilate their experiments. The Strange. According to theory, a strangelet is a tiny, stable chunk of 87 Undoubtedly, a sounds much less frightening than a black hole.

Albert Einstein

But the cute name belies the theorized danger. The fear is that if high-energy particle collisions created a strangelet, the object would initiate a chain reaction that would convert all of Earth and everything on it into See W. A Sci. Before the end of the month,94 the director of the Brookhaven lab asked for a report addressing concerns about the RHIC from a committee of four scientists—Wit Busza and Robert L. Walter L. See Mona S.. See generally id.

Scientists set to unveil first picture of a black hole

The report argues that if the strangelet disaster were going to destroy the earth, then cosmic rays would have produced the theoretical disaster long ago. They likewise concluded that the RHIC was safe.

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They wrote, After these reports were circulated, media interest in the question of risk from the RHIC died down.